Danica Jacobsson

Danica Jacobsson

Director of Training and Development

NMLS# 2028342




Danica is a mortgage professional who has sculpted the training program at Entrust Funding helping newly hired bankers who are on track to be Executive Bankers in our company.

She graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors and utilizes her Masters in Curriculum Design from the University of San Diego to set up our Junior Bankers to become successful Mortgage Loan Originators.

Her curriculum ensures they are in a position to be a step ahead and have a well rounded understanding of the best programs to assist their borrowers.

While she’s not in the office, she enjoys down time at the beach and putting her scuba certification to good use. If she doesn’t answer, it’s because the ocean doesn’t have wifi. Outside of the office she enjoys traveling to beach towns and making use of her scuba certification!